Best HipHop Artists of All Time

TidyTuesday Week 16: BBC Music HipHop Artists

BBC Music asked critics to rate the best hiphop songs of all time in 2020. The resulting data provides ample opportunities to study the hiphop cosmos over the past decades. The visualization below shows the total number of points each artist received by the critics (solo songs as well as from collaborations) and displays the total number of songs that an artist appeared on by the size of the bubble and the associated number in white. Turns out, not only did old school hiphop artists (in gold – for the golden age of hiphop) receive the highest total scores but also did they only need a few songs to reach a top position; more recent artists such as Jay-Z or Kendrick Lamar need way more songs with, at the same time, relatively lower ratings to get to the top position of overall best hiphop artists.

Dennis Hammerschmidt
PhD Candidate | Data Scientist

I’m a PhD Candidate in Political Science working with all sorts of data sources across different statistical methods (NLP, networks, and ML) to understand and quantify the structure of international relations.