Data Science Portfolio


Telegram Bot

A simple Telegram bot that sends an image – in this case a Machine Learning flashcard – twice a day to a chat group.

World Debt Map

In a small team of Data Consultants for CorrelAid, we automated the data generation and pre-processing of the NGO and developed an interactive web application for the visualization and illustration of the debt situation of countries world wide.


The goal of overviewR is to make it easy to get an overview of your data by displaying your sample information.

Coro2vid19 ShinyApp

There are 20,000+ articles on coronovarius already published – our ShinyApp lets you browse through all of them and find the most relevant articles based on word2vec word-embeddings, doc2vec similarities through keywords-based search fields

Talk and Action

I use sparse factor analysis to estimate two-dimensional ideal points from political votes and speeches of states at the United Nations to analyze how and why the positions states take in speeches are different from their voting position.