SSDL Workshop - Introduction to LaTeX and Overleaf


The LaTeX workshop offers an introduction, hands-on practices and a template for scientific articles. The aim is to provide the participants with sufficient knowledge of the general set-up of LaTeX to write (future) papers and to cope with common problems. We cover the LaTeX environment, including packages, structure, and commands. This allows to substantially improve the academic workflow. We further provide an originally generated template specifically made for this workshop that can later be used by the participants to get easily started with their projects in LaTeX.

Nov 26, 2019 12:00 PM — 1:30 PM
Mannheim Centre for European Social Research, Mannheim
A5,6, 68159 Mannheim

The workshop was co-organized and co-taught with Cosima Meyer.

We created an original Overleaf template that is freely available in a basic and an extended version. You can use these templates either directly within Overleaf or you can download the Source Code and work on your own machine.

Dennis Hammerschmidt
PhD Candidate | Data Scientist

I’m a PhD Candidate in Political Science working with all sorts of data sources across different statistical methods (NLP, networks, and ML) to understand and quantify the structure of international relations.