My first tidytuesday!

TidyTuesday Week 11: College Tuition

For the first time, I participated in a tidytuesday. To find out more about the idea behind tidytuesday as well as my approach, see here. As a quick summary: Tidytuesday provides each week a new dataset and invites people to visualize the content of this dataset in any way possible (but ideally using the tidyverse). This week’s data came from where I illustrate the average net costs for studying in each US state. The distinction by region indicates that the usual suspects – Northeastern states – appear to be the most expensive, taking into account not only the average tuition fees for all universities but also the costs of living.

Dennis Hammerschmidt
PhD Candidate | Data Scientist

I’m a PhD Candidate in Political Science working with all sorts of data sources across different statistical methods (NLP, networks, and ML) to understand and quantify the structure of international relations.