Recent & Upcoming Talks


SSDL Workshop - Introduction to LaTeX and Overleaf

Introductory workshop on using LaTeX and Overleaf for efficient and automated workflows.

Invited Talk - Speeches on the UN floor and relationships between countries - Insights from Text Analysis

I was invited to give a talk on text analysis for International Relations research with specific focus on speeches at the UN.

POLTEXT 2019 Conference

I was invited with full funding by the organizers to present my work at the first Asian quantitative text analysis conference.

PaCSS 2019 Conference

Fully funded presentation at the interdisciplinary computational social science conference PaCSS in Washington, D.C.

PIPC 2019 Conference

Poster presentation at the 3rd Pacific International Politics Conference (PIPC) in Taiwan City.

EPSA 2019 Conference

I presented my work at the largest Political Science conference in Europe in Belfast.

DAGStat 2019 Conference

I presented my work at the largest German conference on statistics and data science.


Invited Talk - Social Science Data Lab - Text as Data Roundtable Part I

I was invited to talk about my work in the field of text analysis and to participate in a roundtable discussion on the current state of NLP at the University of Mannheim.

Invited Talk - What Text-as-Data methods can tell us about vote-buying in the UN

I was invited to give a talk on how text analysis methods can be used to detect vote-buying at the United Nations.

TADA 2018 Conference

I was invited to present my work at one of the most prestigous conferences on text analysis and NLP in the Social Sciences.